Looking For Hidden Fats In Foods

Looking For Hidden Fats In Foods

Visible Fats
Looking For Hidden Fats In Foods
Looking For Hidden Fats In Foods

If you tried going on a diet in order to lose weight before, then you probably know that fried and oily foods have higher fat content and that they should be avoided at all costs. The fats found in these foods are often referred to as visible fats. Looking For Hidden Fats In Foods.

Visible fats are those that you can easily spot on your plates, such as butter, margarine, lard, the oil that is used in salad dressing, bacon that is more white than red, or pork chops that have a strip of white fat. Because they are easy to spot, visible fats can easily be avoided by people who’re on a diet.

Hidden Trans Fats

Although visible fats are easy to spot and avoid, it’s not the same when it comes to hidden fats. You’d be surprised to find out how many foods you eat on a daily basis are loaded with fats, especially unhealthy types of fat. Most of the products that you regularly buy in your local supermarket contain a lot of trans fats that increase your bad cholesterol and decrease your good cholesterol levels.

The reason why many people have no clue about the real fat content in products is that they don’t know how to look for it. If you try to search for the term “trans fats” on food labels of any product you simply won’t find it. Instead, you need to search for the source of trans fats, also known as partially hydrogenated oils. The next time you’re in a supermarket, be sure to check the ingredient list for partially hydrogenated oils (check for it even in the foods that are labeled as fat-free).

Trans fat

Trans fats are considered to be the worst type of fat that you can consume. Excessive trans fat consumption is one of the main causes of heart disease today. Although naturally occurring trans fat is found in small amounts in some dairy and meat products, most trans fat is formed through an industrial process that involves adding hydrogen to vegetable oil in order to make it become solid at room temperature.
The reason why this is done is to extend the shelf life of certain products. Other than that, a lot of restaurants use partially hydrogenated vegetable oil in their deep fryers in order to avoid changing it often.

Despite the fact that they’re so unhealthy, trans fats are still present in a lot of products simply because they’re inexpensive, easy to use, and last a long time. Because of this, they will likely be used in the future as well. However, it’s up to you to identify the foods that contain it and avoid them.

Foods Filled With Hidden Fats

There are other foods that you probably consume on a regular basis that are filled with hidden fats. Here are some of the foods you should avoid:

• Mayonnaise – It doesn’t matter if you opt for eggless or real mayonnaise, both are filled with hidden fats. Egg yolks, which are used to make real mayonnaise, are considered as one of the richest sources of fat. On the other hand, starch from potatoes gets converted into fat during the preparation of eggless mayonnaise.
• Peanut butter – Although it is considered healthy, you should watch how much peanut butter you consume. Keep in mind that 10 grams of peanut butter contain roughly 5 grams of fat.
• Seafood – A lot of fishes contain a good type of fat, but some kinds of seafood including crabs, shrimp, and lobsters contain a lot of unhealthy fats.
• Cheese – Cheese is without a doubt one of the most tempting foods products available. However, know that 100 grams of cheese contain 30 grams of fat!
• Instant noodles – Many people adore instant noodles because they’re a budget-friendly meal that you can easily prepare. However, know that a cup of instant noodles can contain more saturated fat than an order of French fries.

Looking For Hidden Fats In Foods

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