Fat Burning Tips for Women

Fat Burning Tips for Women: Exercise, Diet, and Supplements

Fat Burning Tips for Women
Fat Burning Tips for Women

Bat wings, arm flab, saddlebags, and excess junk in the trunk are unsavory terms used to describe what you like the least about your body. In the big picture, no one is perfect and we tend to be too hard on ourselves. Fat Burning Tips for Women.

But, as a woman, you know what impact additional pounds of the cushion can have on your self-esteem, general health and wellbeing going into middle age and senior years. That’s why it’s imperative to know some tips on exercise, diet, and supplements that can help you turn the corner.


High-Intensity Training

Let’s go in chronological order and address exercise first. You may not like to sweat but get over it! If you want to burn fat, you need to step on the gas. Do not restrict yourself to these two-hour long Cosmo-reading yawn-fest workouts on the treadmill. If you can read while exercising, your intensity is way too low.

Instead, do the exact opposite. Alternate your intensity back and forth from high to low and make sure the high is REALLY high! You want to get to a point where you are hyperventilating. Stay there for at least 15 seconds, then back off, and then step back on the gas.

Alternate back and forth until you’ve accumulated at least four minutes of high-intensity time. That’s how much you need to get a metabolism boost that will last you a minimum of 24 hours.

Muscle Toning

You also want to incorporate weight training into your regimen. I know you might be afraid of getting big, bulky muscles, but that’s a complete misconception. Weight training will also boost your metabolism, as will gaining lean muscle mass. Target all of your major muscle groups and keep your rest breaks minimal to get an even better effect.

Diet And Nutrition

Coconut Oil

From a nutritional standpoint, add coconut oil to your diet. Unlike your typical oils, coconut oil has special powers. Not only does it stabilize your hunger, but it also raises your metabolism, lubricates your joints, AND gives you energy. This is all due to this magical substance called medium-chain triglycerides. You may see this in supplement form as “MCTs” at your local health food store.

Add coconut oil to your smoothies, blend it into your oatmeal, cook with it, and melt it across steamed vegetables for added flare.

Increase Meals

Another dietary tip involves your meal frequency. Forget about the three squares a day mentality. Eat small meals every two and a half to three hours instead. This is known as grazing, and it can keep your appetite satisfied, energy levels high, and blood sugar stabilized. Stable blood sugar levels will reduce the risk of insulin being spiked. Insulin is a fat-storage hormone.

Stick To The Food Groups

And to add to that, do not go on any crazy diet plans that avoid entire food groups. The only exception is if you have an allergy or intolerance. Otherwise, your body was built to digest dairy, beans, potatoes, oatmeal, and grains.


If you are going to use supplements, stick with the healthy versions. A ton of supplements that range from fat burners to pre-workouts to protein powders to recovery formulas is laced with artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, hormones, and antibiotics.

All of this stuff is toxic to the body. Always opt for organic and all-natural varieties. And steer clear of any supplement that blocks the absorption of a macronutrient like a carb or fat blockers. Your body was designed to break these nutrients down so why would you want to fight Mother Nature?

Bottom Line

Having the body you want is all in your hands. It does take effort, dedication, and commitment, but, the rewards are plentiful.

Not only will you look great with a hard body that looks awesome, and is healthy to serve you into middle age and senior years by avoiding heart disease and other obesity-related diseases, but, you will also feel great knowing you achieved something incredible through hard work and commitment.

All and all, fat burning is a matter of common sense. Burn more calories than you consume, eat clean whole foods, and don’t fall for the latest supplement craze without reading up on it.

Fat burning tips for women

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