Kettlebell Workouts Versus CrossFit

Kettlebell Workouts Versus CrossFit

Kettlebell Workouts Versus CrossFit
Kettlebell Workouts Versus CrossFit

There are so many different workouts and structured exercise plans to choose from that it can make a newcomer to fitness want to give up before they even start. Where to begin? Which to choose? These are just some of the questions asked. Kettlebell Workouts Versus CrossFit.

Two popular workout programs are Crossfit and Kettlebells. Both have their advantages, similarities, and differences. Let’s see how they compare.

What Is Crossfit

The best way to describe CrossFit is high volume training with equally as high intensity. In a perfect world, high-intensity is a good thing and probably the best way to approach exercise when you want to get in shape fast and melt away adipose tissue. However, there is always an ugly side to everything.

The fast-paced nature of CrossFit and the expectancy of you to do lots of reps in as little time as possible have raised a lot of concerns and eyebrows. In reality, a novice has no business attempting workouts of this magnitude. You need to earn your way up to this level. And even then, once you are fully taxed and your form starts breaking down, it is in your best interest to stop and rest, instead of pushing onward.

Kettlebells Versus Crossfit

When it comes to comparing kettlebells to CrossFit it’s a bit of a grey area because kettlebells are often used in CrossFit workouts. By themselves, kettlebells are some of the greatest tools the fitness industry has to offer. But if used with high-volume and sloppy form, they’re no better than any other equipment that is used the same way.

Getting good with kettlebells alone takes hours and hours of practice. If you do not take the time to learn proper mechanics, you will suffer the consequences, regardless if you do a CrossFit class or strictly do kettlebell workouts.

The bottom line is, both forms of exercise can be safe or dangerous, and both have similar attributes to the body.

Working Multiple Muscle Groups And Burning Calories

For example, one of the main benefits of kettlebell workouts is that you can do them in a short amount of time and accomplish a whole body workout. The same can be said about CrossFit. In fact, rarely does a CrossFit class last more than 20 minutes.

With both programs, you can work all of your major muscle groups and improve strength levels, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular fitness. Additionally, you can produce quite a high caloric burn from both protocols.

Along the lines of the high caloric expenditure is a boost in resting metabolism. Any time you get to a point of hyperventilation while training, you’re exercising anaerobically. This simply means you are in a state without oxygen and your main source of fuel is stored carbohydrates.

Once you get to this point, especially while doing intervals, you end up cranking your metabolism through the roof. This effect is greatest for the first few hours after you have finished working out, but it can literally last for 24 to 36 hours afterward. When weight loss is a pressing concern, this is one of the best ways to make it happen.

Workout Space

When it comes to space, kettlebell workouts beat out CrossFit. All you need is one or two bells and open space that you can swing a kettlebell forward and raise it above your head. CrossFit workouts often require barbells, boxes, rings, walls, pull-up bars, weight plates, and wide-open space to move from one station to the next. These are set up in what is often referred to as “boxes.” That’s slang for an open gym.

If you are on the fence between doing kettlebell workouts or CrossFit, just remember that movement always presides overload. If you are unable to move through a full range of motion with little to no weight, then you shouldn’t be doing kettlebell workouts or CrossFit.

Master the basics first and then move on with confidence. In both cases, it’s always a good idea to get expert instruction to avoid possible injury.

Kettlebell Workouts Versus CrossFit

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