How To Control Cravings For Sweets

How To Control Cravings For Sweets

How To Control Cravings For Sweets
How To Control Cravings For Sweets

There is nothing worse than sitting through a sugar craving. It seems like sugar is everywhere. You can’t watch TV or go to a gas station without seeing all the sugary temptations. If you are trying to cut down your sweets, you may wonder how you can control cravings for sugar. Here we have compiled a quick list of tips for you to help you deal with your craving for sweets. How To Control Cravings For Sweets.

Fruit and Protein

Fruit is the world’s natural source of sugar. Unlike processed sweet treats, fruit comes packed with tons of micronutrient vitamins and minerals. When you combine fruit and protein, you will calm your sugar craving and feel satisfied for a longer length of time.

Some great pairings of fruit and protein include:
• Bananas and Peanut Butter
• Oranges and Almonds
• Cottage Cheese and Fruit
• Berry Smoothie with Milk and Ice

Grab Some Gum

Gum comes in many flavors. There are even whole lines of gum devoted to tasting like your favorite dessert. WebMD recommends that you avoid your sugar cravings by chewing on a piece of gum. Research has shown that gum can reduce food cravings. The great thing about gum is that there are usually less than 5 calories per stick. Not only do you get your sweet fix, but you avoid drinking or eating a bunch of excess calories.

Eat A Meal

Sugar cravings can be tough to handle on their own. Combining sugar craving with actual hunger and you are setting yourself up for failure. The brain’s drive for food and nutrients releases powerful chemicals that your willpower won’t be able to stand up to.

If you’re having a sugar craving and you are legitimately hungry, it’s important to eat. Eat a healthy meal so that you are full. While eating a healthy meal may not seem as appetizing as the chunky monkey ice cream you are craving, you should do it anyway. Healthline notes that this will allow your brain to stop releasing the hunger chemicals. Now you only have to deal with the sugar cravings.

Protein and Fat

As new dietary research emerges, people discover that fat isn’t as bad for you as we thought. To help kick sugar addiction, The Huffington Post recommends that you combine protein and fat at every meal. Protein is essential for many of your body’s functions and fat helps keep you satisfied longer.

Many people find that high-fat, low-carbohydrate diets that are moderate in protein can help them eliminate sugar cravings altogether. Whether you adjust your eating style to go completely low carbohydrate, or you just add a little fat to each meal; you should notice a significant decrease in your sugar cravings.

Distract Yourself

If you are watching television and the same commercial for a milkshake comes on the television screen every 10 minutes, chances are that you will start craving a milkshake. Finding distractions that take you away from your sugar craving is one key to successful sugar avoidance. Healthline recommends that you take a walk around the building if you’re at work or a walk around the block if you’re at home. This will provide you a lacing distraction from your craving and hopefully enough time that the craving passes.

Coping with sugar cravings can be one of the most difficult things you ever do. This is especially true with all the triggers that are abundant in our environment. Everything from billboards to television gets you to eat more sugar. So, using these five techniques to help eliminate your sugar cravings will help you avoid all those sugary foods.

None of these techniques may be foolproof, but when combined they can help you almost eliminate sugar entirely from your diet. When you can subsist on natural sugars rather than processed sugars you will officially be sugar-free. Your cravings may never go away completely, but you will be in control.

How To Control Cravings For Sweets

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