10 Reasons Why Kettlebell Training Is Better Than Other Workouts

10 Reasons Why Kettlebell Training Is Better Than Other Workouts

10 Reasons Why Kettlebell Training Is Better Than Other Workouts
10 Reasons Why Kettlebell Training Is Better Than Other Workouts

The Kettlebell is one of the most coveted and widely used weight training tools around. Its design of a steel ball-shaped weight attached to a steel handle allows for an abundance of different exercises that not only work for multiple muscle groups at the same time but, also allows one to get into an anaerobic state while working out. Here are 10 Reasons Why Kettlebell Training Is Better Than Other Workouts.

An anaerobic state is a workout “without oxygen,” where the person is literally gasping for air during exercise. This state is typically induced during interval training and Kettlebell workouts and is one of the most effective ways to burn fat and rev metabolism for 24 plus hours following a workout.

10 Reasons Why Kettlebells Are Better Than Cardio

1. 3 In 1 Workout – Combining weight training with a cardio workout, Kettlebell circuits improve heart health, build lean muscle mass, and are highly effective at fat burning. That’s three birds killed with one stone of a great workout!

2. High-Calorie Burning – An hour spent on a treadmill or cross trainer will burn around 600 calories, but, training with kettlebells can help you burn up to 1200 calories in that same hour.

3. Superiority To Barbells, Dumbbells, And Other Weight Machines – Barbells, dumbbells, and weight machines are all efficient muscle training devices, but they typically work only one muscle or a specific group of muscles at a time. Imagine how cumbersome it is to tone your entire body. Conversely, Kettlebell moves work, multiple muscle groups, at once which make it the perfect full-body workout to build essential lean muscle mass for both men and women.

4. Superior Core Fitness – A strong core is more than six-pack abs. It is your body’s power zone which lays the foundation for all movements. The core is vital for good posture, which, provides steadiness during everyday movement and improves performance in sports and everyday activities. Many Kettlebell moves work the core, and so that alone makes it a much better choice than other forms of cardio or muscle training that do not.

5. Economic – Kettlebells provide you a suitable and economical choice over expensive gym memberships, cardio machines, and weight equipment.

Saving space

6. Mobile – A large space is needed to do Kettlebell exercises and they are easy to store and transport, so you can even take one on long trips and vacations.

7. Time-Saving – Traditionally, for general fitness, people do cardio and muscle training on different days. Various Kettlebell circuits combine the two because as you do Kettlebell moves you not only tone and build lean muscle mass, you are also getting an effective cardio workout that benefits the heart and burns fat.

8. Low Impact – A lot of cardio, such as aerobics and running is a high impact on joints. But, Kettlebell training is low or no impact, therefore it saves the joints and opens the possibility for many to get a heart-pumping workout who otherwise shy away from impact cardio.

9. Increases Flexibility – Kettlebell training provides workouts that improve range of motion and flexibility that serves good health in everyday life and into the senior years.

10. Never Get Bored With Diverse And Fun Workouts – Kettlebell moves and exercises are fun and unique. Various circuits can be created to change things up on a regular basis so you never get bored. A big difference from the boring walking or running on a treadmill or churning those exercise bike pedals for an hour.

Many people get bored doing the same exact workout repeatedly even if it is done only two or three times a week. Kettlebell Training lets you overcome that monotony by providing a range of diverse and fun moves.

How To Get Started

Getting started with Kettlebells is easy with the many resources at hand. You can find various workouts online that will show you proper form and technique. You can also join a Kettlebell class in your area or local gym that will be led by a qualified instructor. There are also various Kettlebell training DVDs available to learn this unique form of cardio and weight training fitness.

No matter which route you take it is important to learn proper form or else you will be vulnerable to injury.

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10 Reasons Why Kettlebell Training Is Better Than Other Workouts

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