Fat Burning Tips for Men

Fat Burning Tips for Men: Exercise, Diet, and Supplements

Fat Burning Tips for Men
Fat Burning Tips for Men

Being a man comes with a lot of responsibilities. You need to provide for your significant other and children, you need to work hard to yield big rewards, and you want to look good in the presence of people—both on a personal and professional level. Fat Burning Tips for Men.

If you do not take care of your body and let fat accumulate, this pursuit of daily satisfaction will be compromised along with your self-esteem. This is especially true as you age because that fast metabolism that used to burn everything you inhaled in your twenties will be slowing down significantly as you edge towards your 30’s and it gets even slower as you reach your 40’s.

Aside from the basic, everyday information you hear on TV and read online, there are some tricks and tips you can follow to get faster results. There are really no miracle methods involved. You just have to use common sense and not be led by the charlatans.

First of all, from an anatomical standpoint, it’s a medical fact that men tend to gain most of their fat in the midsection, which includes the dreaded love handle area. Don’t buy into the hype that those ab gadgets you see on infomercials melt fat. They flat out don’t!

You might be able to strengthen a muscle group and even make it look toned, but you will never see it unless you lose the fat that covers it up.


That brings us to cardio. Going slow and steady will burn fat, but you are missing out on a great technique called interval training. Give this a try the next time you do cardio. Start with a light warm-up and then alternate your intensity back and forth from a maximal effort to light effort. Keep doing that for the entirety of your workout and finish with a light cooldown.

This form of training burns a ton of calories and keeps your metabolism raised for hours after you are finished. More calories burned over the course of a day means you will lose fat faster. Shoot for three sessions a week on alternating days. And you don’t need to go that long either. You can get all the benefits from interval training in 30 minutes or less.

Weight Training

Don’t forget about the importance of weight training too. A select group of guys becomes cardio junkies when they pursue weight loss and this is the worst thing you could do.

You might lose some weight, but, it will take longer if you don’t include weight training.


Do you remember the metabolic effect of interval training? Well, the same thing happens when you lift weights. Additionally, added muscle is metabolically active. It acts as an incinerator of fat inside your body through the course of every day and night.

Why wouldn’t you want to add some to your skeleton?


Make sure your diet is tight too. Exercise only gets you so far. Ideally, you should eat five or six balanced meals a day. Stick with whole foods that are as clean as possible. This means no hormones or antibiotics in meats, and no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners in anything.

Space your meals two to three hours apart and only eat enough food to diminish your hunger. This is called grazing and it also will keep your metabolism elevated.


Lastly, be cautious if you use supplements. A lot of them have artificial additives and can cause dangerous side effects. Fat-burning pills, for example, are generally high in caffeine and raise your heart rate. If you are sensitive to coffee, tea, and other caffeinated products, steer clear of the supplements because they are way more powerful than a cup of coffee.

Stick with all-natural supplements and only use what you absolutely need. If you do not get a lot of vegetables in your diet, for example, get an organic greens formula or whole-food multi-vitamin. Whole food supplements are derived from actual foods and they tend to be free of contaminants.

Fat Burning Tips for Men

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