Running For Women

Running For Women: Considerations and Tips

Running For Women
Running For Women

Running is one of the most normal things that human beings do, right? So, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that women take up running as a sport and as a fitness regimen. Running For Women.

Running has health benefits that range from beating stress, maintaining good blood circulation, strengthening joints, weight management, losing unwanted fat while gaining muscle, strengthening the bones, and maintaining good skin.

So why don’t more women take up running?

Well, running has been given a bad rap – it’s been blamed for injury especially to the knee joints. It’s been thought of as rather jarring, and therefore, bad for the pelvis. People have claimed that it’s bad for pregnant women and it’s too strenuous for middle-aged women.

There are people who have been injured while running, but, this is because of poor stretching, poor running technique, inattention to traffic or road conditions, and even because the runners have earphones stuck to their ears so they couldn’t hear car horns or other sounds of danger.

Some people do not wear good fitting running shoes or they don’t wear cotton socks and so running becomes painful.
Others don’t hydrate themselves before they run or after they run and so it can make for an unpleasant experience.
Some don’t eat a healthy diet so that they can maintain their blood sugar levels while running. Some women have a mistaken notion that they can eat less when they run – they can’t.

Burning calories

Running involves burning calories and if the runner does not take in enough calories from the food they eat, the brain thinks that the runner is experiencing a famine – the body goes into hibernation mode. It stores as much fat and fluid as it can so that there can be sufficient fuel to run the body’s most basic functions until the famine is over.

Some people over-do their running. They run too long or too often without giving themselves sufficient time to rest and to recover; and without giving their bodies the time to repair itself so that it can run again.

Doing It Right

Like any other form of exercise running needs to be done correctly in order to enjoy the best results, prevent injury, and to have a good experience. There are so many great resources for women who are starting out and it is very helpful to do some research and get advice from the running pros. Here are some tips to get you started.

So what can you do?

1. Run for the pleasure of it, not to burn off fat (although running will help you burn off fat).
2. Run to enjoy the freedom of being in the outdoors.
3. Make sure that you’ve eaten sensibly at least an hour or an hour and a half before you run.
4. Don’t plug in the earphones – you need to use all of your five senses if you are to run safely.
5. If you can’t run with a buddy, leave a message at home telling that you went for a run at such and such a time and you expect to be back at such and such a time.
6. Run in populated places. Run in the park and run in the morning.
7. Don’t forget to do stretching exercises to warm up and limber up your muscles before you start running.
8. Make sure that you start slow and build up the stamina to run at full speed. Don’t run every single day at the start. Alternate running with strength training to build muscle.
9. Remember that you have to pace yourself and you also have to plan the distance of your run. Remember that you will need the energy to run or walk back home, go to the office, pick up the kids, do the grocery shopping, and make dinner.
10. Don’t give up!

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Running For Women

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